Wheeler Heights Public School

Respect, Responsibility & Personal Best

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Contact : whps.fundraising@gmail.com


To contact the Fundraising Team you can write a letter and post it in the P&C box in the school office or send an Email to the address above.

Why we need fundraising

To provide the children of Wheeler Heights Public School the best opportunity in all areas of their education, we raise additional funds to supplement government funding. The funds raised may go toward a number of areas within the school including reading resources; new equipment such as computers and playground equipment; Interactive White Boards; sports equipment; etc.

How can you help?

The committee requires volunteers to help co-ordinate the major parent fundraisers of the year, and any time you can contribute is much appreciated. We are always looking for new and interesting ways to raise funds for the school, so suggestions are always welcome. If you would like to assist the fundraising in any way - have donations / contributions / ideas or time, please contact whps.fundraising@gmail.com

Class parents

Each year every class has one or two parents step forward to compile the class parent list, organise class dinners, and be the contact for the class teacher in organising parents for class activities and events. At the commencement of the school year, each year is also given the task of co-ordinating one fundraising event.




Welcome to the 2020 Fundraising year.  If you are interested in helping the Fundraising Committee for any events this year it would be greatly appreciated.  Events don’t run smoothly without parent helpers.  Please email us at fundraising@whps-pandc.org to let us know what you can help with.  We are always in need of a helping hand to maximise our fundraising potential.  More information will be made available on the below events and responsibilities closer to each event.

Contact Jo, Yvette or Fiona (Year 4 Parents) for more information.


Rebel Sport & The Athlete’s Foot at Warriewood and Warringah Mall support Wheeler Heights Public School every time you purchase from them and mention our school.  If you have a rewards card for either of these, make sure you link Wheeler Heights Public School to ensure the benefits can be passed on.